Premium Self Contained Cabins with Kitchen & Bathroom

The Self-contained portable cabin that’s super quick and easy to set up as Sleepouts, Farm accommodation, Hostel accommodation, Personal studio or Extra rooms etc. 

The typical sizes of Self-contained cabins we provide:

  • 6.0×2.4m Self-contained cabin (includes kitchenette)
  • 7.0×2.7m Self-contained cabin (includes kitchen, cupboard and cook top)
  • 8.0×3.0m Self-contained cabin (includes kitchen, cupboard and cook top)

Quality EPS panels, double glazed windows & doors, toughened base.

  • 9.0×3.0m Self-contained cabin
  • 10×3.0m Self-contained cabin
  • 12.0×3.0m Self-contained cabin (two bedrooms)
  • Wiring fitted with CoC(Certificate of Compliance)
  • Separated bathroom with brand new shower box, vanity, toilet, wooden door waterproof vinyl, fully plumbed with certificate
  • 26L Rinnai Infinity Hot water heater gas supply, with certificate
  • Kitchen & cupboard, soft closing drawers, fully plumbed
  • Cooktop
  • Carpet with quality underlay, good insulation.
Other optionals:
  • Double glazed Ranchslider, Single door & Windows.
  • Flooring ( Laminate floor or SPC floor )
  • Gas cooktop
  • Solar power

All cabins come with one year warranty, which covers all materials and workmanship.

Other customized designs can be made upon request.


6.0×2.4m self-contained cabin

7.0×2.7m self-contained cabin

8.0×3.0m Self-contained cabin

9×3.0m Self-contained cabin

10×3.0m Self-contained cabin

13×3.3m Self-contained cabin


EcoCubes is at the forefront of reimagining compact living in New Zealand. Our self-contained cabins are more than just spaces; they’re sanctuaries crafted with precision, offering unparalleled comfort and utility. Every cabin is a testament to modern design principles, ensuring that residents experience the best of both worlds: the coziness of a compact space and the amenities of a full-fledged home. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability means each unit is designed with the environment in mind. With EcoCubes, you’re not just investing in a cabin; you’re embracing a lifestyle that champions convenience, style, and eco-conscious living. Experience the EcoCubes difference today.